1. The Cost & Brief

A document written by you that tells the design team what you are trying to achive. It should answer the key questions any good designer will have, such as: What outcomes are you looking for? What’s your budget? What do you need versus what do you want? How do you want to live in your home?

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2. Concept Design

A concept design is the initial design phase for your building or renovation. This is a fun part to work with an architect. You will be immersed in brilliant ideas, colour scheme, design mood. If you need a planning permit, the design team will add the necessary details to your concept drawings in order to meet the requirements for your planning permit application.

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3. Design Developement

Once the concept design is finalised, we will move to Design Development stage that further develope the concept scheme. The design includes elevations, sections, detailed plans, perspectives for internal and exteral. It’s a right time to bring on board structure engineer, if required, who will provide details on columns, beams, foundation. This is also a good time to think about smart system and sustainability.

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4. DA application

Working with Council to get your dream home approved is a critical duty of an architect. Every council has slightly different requirements about land size and planning overlays in order to control the level of developement and ensure the base standard is met.

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5. Construction Documentation

Your construction drawings form the blueprint that everyone on site must follow. They are an updated version of your building permit drawings, with any requested changes by the building surveyor applied. After a final review, you are ready for construction!

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6. Tender/Contract Admin

Running through the tender/builder selection process, an architect can recommend a suitable builder to construct your dream home. You can engage the architect as a contract admin to make sure the builder follow the design of the architect and update construction drawings if required.

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